About Edaqa

I’m a programmer with over 20 years of experience. My projects include graphic rendering, telecommunications, scientific applications, business processes, video games, financial platforms, and development products.

I enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge on this site, and others.

I’m the creator of the Leaf language.

I’m always open to new projects and ventures.

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You may contact me through my company EverSystems, or using the form below.


Working in many different domains means using many different languages. As a major part of a project I’ve previously used C, C++, Java, PHP, Python, C#, and JavaScript. I still actively use C++, Python and C# (actually Uno, a variant). As minor parts of projects I’ve used Ruby, Bash, Octave, and Assembly (various).

For source control I’ve grown with the industry, from essentially nothing to CVS or VSS, then SVN. Now I use BZR or GIT.

I’ve programmed for MS-DOS, Windows, Linux and other Unixes, Android, iOS, OSX, and Web apps. On Windows I started with MSVC, then OWL, then MFC, then QT (also on Linux).

KDE is my development environment of choice. I use Kate as a text editor, Konsole as a console, and the myriad of tools available for debugging, profiling, building and packaging.

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  1. A non-disclosure agreement pretty much means I’ll be writing about everything except finance for the foreseeable future. :(