About Edaqa


Algorithms are my friends.

I’m a programmer with extensive professional experience. From the beauty of interface design and graphic rendering to the rigid correctness of scientific and financial applications. From entertaining video games to sociable communications and practical development products.


My specialty is distilling complexity into manageable chunks.

I enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge on this site, and others.

I’m the creator of the Leaf language.


If you have any questions, or would like to have me present at a conference or meeting, contact me through the form below.


Working in many different domains means using many different languages. As a major part of a project I’ve previously used C, C++, Java, PHP, Python, C#, and JavaScript. I still actively use C++, Python and C# (actually Uno, a variant). As minor parts of projects I’ve used Ruby, Bash, Octave, and Assembly (various).

For source control I’ve grown with the industry, from essentially nothing to CVS or VSS, then SVN. Now I use BZR or GIT.

I’ve programmed for MS-DOS, Windows, Linux and other Unixes, Android, iOS, OSX, and Web apps. On Windows I started with MSVC, then OWL, then MFC, then QT (also on Linux).

KDE is my development environment of choice. I use Kate as a text editor, Konsole as a console, and the myriad of tools available for debugging, profiling, building and packaging.