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Is reference counting slower than GC?

“Reference counting is slower than garbage collection”, a claim often made in the discussion of memory management. I heard it again recently when discussing Leaf;

How blaming the user leads to tragedy

On 9 February human error resulted in 11 deaths and 80 further casualties in tragic wreck near Bad Aibling, Germany. Despite a supposedly robust safety

The trouble with `floor` and `ceil`

floor and ceil have the bad habit of producing unexpected results. They aren’t broken, but in light of floating point nasties can often result in

Implementing a Swipe gesture

I recently implemented a swipe gesture for Fuse. The gesture recognition itself, though complex, was not hard to implement; I had most of the needed

The curse of varargs

Unexpectedly I needed to add support for variable argument functions to Leaf long before I intended to. I just wanted to print out a value,

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